Saturday, September 10, 2016

Class Schedule clip art set

 Class Schedule clip art set contains 70 image files, which includes 35 color images and 35 black & white images in png.
All categories include two images: one of a boy and one of a girl (except Guided Reading, an image showing a teacher and her students: one girl and one boy).

The class schedule clip art includes:

1. Art class (boy)
2. Art class (girl)
3. Computers (boy)
4. Computers (girl)
5. Phonics (boy)
6. Phonics (girl)
7. Library (boy)
8. Library (girl)
9. Math (boy)
10. Math (girl)
11. Music (boy)
12. Music (girl)
13. P.E. (boy)
14. P.E. (girl)
15. Bathroom (boy)
16. Bathroom (girl)
17. Lunch (boy)
18. Lunch (girl)
19. Read aloud (boy)
20. Read aloud (girl)
21. Reading (boy)
22. Reading (girl)
23. Recess (boy)
24. Recess (girl)
25. Science (boy)
26. Science (girl)
27. Writing (boy)
28. Writing (girl)
29. Social studies (boy)
30. Social studies (girl)
31. Calendar (boy)
32. Calendar (girl)
33. Snack (boy)
34. Snack (girl)
35. Guided reading

This clipart license allows for personal, educational, and commercial small business use. If using commercially, or in a freebie, a link to my store is required. They CANNOT be shared or distributed as .png/image files.


I would love and appreciate your feedback!
Thank you!

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